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With the rapid expansion of HCD and digital over the last 20 years, I have helped companies understand what is need to excel. The mistakes most companies make is hiring a few senior people and thinking they will solve all your problems. But business transfomation is just as important.


For the past 8 years, I have been on a mission to give back to the industry I love. Training over 1300 people and large organisations on when, how, what and why of HCD design. My students work all across the globe in big name companies delivering on the promise.

Executive Designer

I love to be hands on too. You can't up with the trends just attending meetings. I am as happy on the tools and mucking in to solve probems as I am sitting in front of a C Suite team presenting.



Founder YUZA
Sydney Australia
Dec 2017 - Present

YUZA is a network of like minded indivudals helping companies of all sizes achieve their goals and make money through HCD design.

Various companies
Dec 2016 - Present

Organisations, Government departments and indivudals - I have helped 1000s of people understand the true value og HCD and practically apply it.

Key Positions

Trinity Mirror Group PLC
Head of UX
Jun 2013 - Oct 2015

What do you do when you are a newspaper being left behind in the world of digital publishing? You bring in specialists to turn the ship around. During my tenure we moved into the top 3 publishers in the UK with over 100 million visitors a month.

Operations Director
Jan 2006 - Jun 2010

As a board sitting director, I helped M-Corp grow from a small regional agency to taking on the big players. Awarded 2nd Most Efficient agency in the United Kingdown, we were know for big talent, great techology and value for money.

about me

Helping companies

I believe design is a one way to help companies achieve their goals. From optimising what you have, increasing and creating efficency to just making your customer happy, HCD is the process of findings the right things to work on.

Experience is the difference between doing what everyone else is doing (and probably making the same mistakes) and focusing on your goals, your customers and your revenue to create things that work for anyone.

Trusted by many


Grant Maskell,
Sydney Australia

ABN: 54 348 546 383
Founder: YUZA Pty Ltd


+61 423 919 979

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